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Computer Science PhD student. Currently working on a computational framework for Research computing based on containers. Singularity Containers.OCI. Kubernetes Rugby 2row(former). Fedora fan!

How do you Fedora?!

Personal statement

My passion for Computer Science, computational physics and mathematical modeling, has guided my studies and targets in recent years. I have developed a multidisciplinary knowledge in the areas of open source, distributed systems, Linux containers, research computing and multiphysics modeling. With high interest on Linux containers and containers orchestration.

Currently I am a Computer Science PhD student at Universidad del Valle, Cali Colombia. working on framework for distributed systems. This framework will solve an infrastructure problem and will give researchers/users a command line interface(CLI) that will abstract the infrastructure, so they will focus more on their research topic and less on how to deploy their application on a distributed system. This framework is being developed with high emphasis on Cloud computing, distributed systems, Data science and Big Data.

As part of the Networks and distributed systems laboratory I work as a system administrator for the campus cluster, giving support to all the research groups with the deployment of their scientific workloads. We work with containers to manage the heterogeneous workloads that researchers bring to the cluster. Allowing us to monitor and manage the system without having dependencies issues between workloads.


I am convinced that opensource is the next step for science development, Said this, on a side of my PhD research I contribute to :


Uchuva is a scientific web portal that allow users to create workflows and submit to HTCondor (Dagman), Slurm, OpenLava (LSF) and Torque (PBS). Is designed to be fast, flexible and simple.



Containers have taken the tech world by storm, and while they may be a fantastic alternative to virtual machines (when the hardware abstraction is not necessary), they are not a great fit for application portability. Until now….

Singularity combines software packaging models (such as RPM) with minimalistic containers to create very lightweight application bundles which can be simply executed and contained completely within their environment or be used to interact directly with the host file systems at native speeds.

A Singularity application bundle can be as simple as containing a single binary application or as complicated as containing an entire workflow and is as flexible as you will need.



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Research gate

Core skills

  • GO, C, SQL, Javascript, Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, Git.

  • Linux systems administrator with experience configuring, monitoring, upgrading and maintaining research computing distributed systems.

  • Strong analytical skills; able to work with technicians from various engineering disciplines to troubleshoot complex system-level issues.

  • Experience providing Linux support to maintain systems in research production data centers.

  • Research aware and technically up to speed with current HPC research needs

  • Strong C for multiphysics modeling

  • Experienced in multi-threading in a Linux environment ***


Sportinterests:Rugby player Position Second Line (shirt # 5) Team: Wolves Rugby Universidad del Valle

Currently working lab Networks and distributed systems laboratory